The world needs to stand by Yemen

- 03:13 AM

Gulfnews - In Ramadan, Muslims believe that doing charity to the needy is particularly rewarded, but even if you are not a Muslim, charity during this month is exceptionally crucial.

In the past few years, the region has been rocked by catastrophic wars that have affected millions of people from Syria to Yemen to Libya ... the list goes on.


That is why the charity work being done by the UAE and Emirates Red Crescent Society — throughout the region, but particularly in Yemen — is greatly needed and appreciated. The Emirates Red Crescent Society on Thursday announced the launch of three campaigns for Yemen as part of its continued humanitarian support for the country, with the initiatives including sending medical supplies, iftar meals and clothes.

Since the outbreak of war in Yemen, Emirates Red Crescent Society has been one of the main organisations lending humanitarian care to Yemen, and with the recent spread of cholera, the group has partnered with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to prevent further spread of the disease and to contain it.

Less than a month ago, WHO had reported nearly 800 cases and at least 34 deaths from cholera, which causes fatal dehydration from excessive loss of body fluids, following consumption of water contaminated by faeces.

United Nations officials said the cholera death toll has now reached 500, with roughly 60,000 cases reported, and they have forecast 150,000 new cases in the next six months. In addition, 17 million Yemenis are “food insecure” — which means they lack a reliable supply of nutrition — and 6.8 million are “one step away from famine”.

To help in the relief efforts, citizens should contact official and licensed local charities in the UAE to see what they can do to help ease the sufferings of the Yemeni people.

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