Yemeni vice president condemns Houthi attacks on KSRelief shipments

- 12:45 PM (Arab News)
Yemeni Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh Al-Ahmar condemned a Houthi attacks on aid shipments from the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid (KSRelief) and UAE.
He described the attacks as terrorist acts.
Yesterday, KSRelief said three of its trucks were blown up while preparing to distribute food aid in the Yemeni city of Marib early Thursday morning.
“Specialized teams in the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen have begun to investigate the incident. Preliminary evidence indicates that it resulted from an explosive device planted at the place where the trucks were parked,” it said.
The trucks were blown up at 1 a.m. as they stopped to unload food aid next to a warehouse.
Food and in-kind assistance was being delivered to Yemenis on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan as part of the ongoing KSRelief assistance program.
The Center said the incident would not impact ongoing humanitarian and food aid, which it provides to the Yemeni people as part of Operation Restoration Hope.
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